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121# Too close to the sun

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

“The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it." Oscar Wilde

Some matches don't fit. Some fit alright. And then there is the perfect match. The perfect match starts with the mind. It aligns intentions and connects bodies, like two dancers who have practised so long they’ve become one. The perfect match is graceful and flows like a river down its stream. It is its own performance, a beauty to watch, a delicious slice of harmony.

Karleen and I clashed on personality, on culture, even on core beliefs but we never clashed in bed. Our sexual chemistry was so powerful it altered our perception of time and space, sucking us in the moment like a black hole. When our bodies played, clashes and ego vanished. We enjoyed the moment, an island of peace in a sea of chaos. In that short time, we felt it, we savoured it. For a short time, we were a perfect match.

Driven by instincts, I sought the euphoria, the tornado of pleasure, so intense it swept my worries away. It owned the moment and blurred past and future alike. And while the tornado destroyed everything around it, I took refuge in its eye. Like an addict I came back every time, clutching in pleasure as a drowning man clutches for a rope. What can reason do against Nature's temptation ?

Karleen and I explored our sexuality and stretched the limits of our imagination. One night, we were talking about fantasies and I shyly suggested a threesome, two girls one guy. To my dismay, Karleen agreed. My heart skipped a beat, I tried my best to keep it together. A fantasy of a lifetime had become a project, and projects have milestones and deadlines.

I wasted no time. I started researching, reading testimonials of ordinary people having had extraordinary experiences. What were the essentials, the common mistakes, the perfect setup? Everything was easy except finding the right girl. So I embarked on a quest for the perfect match.

Our girl must have equal sexual appetite and be attractive to us both. The first person that crossed my mind was Ximena, the Mexican girl I had met in San Cristobal the year before. Ximena was hot, libertine, and had more sexual experiences that the two of us combined. Also, she had fucked my brain’s out in la Chichona a year ago. I texted her. She liked our little project.

Ximena knew a lot about threesomes. She knew what worked and what didn’t. “Attraction between the girls is the most important thing”, she said. She asked for pictures of Karleen, then sent us her own. The girls found each other to their liking and Karleen got turned on by Ximena's sex appeal. Shit was getting real.

The only issue was that she was 2000km away. I didn’t care, I would have sold a kidney to bring her over. We were discussing logistics when Ximena told me about her next trip. Zipolite was the only nudist beach in Mexico. She heard so much about it that she had planned a trip to visit in a few weeks. It was a miracle! Nothing seemed impossible. I was flying high, a few weeks from realizing every man’s fantasy.

Day after day I grew restless, excited as a kid for Christmas. I started a daily workout with breathing exercises and tantra routines. I replaced alcohol and weed with pineapple and almonds. I strengthened my core, stretched every day and became more disciplined than a Shaolin monk. The tornado of pleasure was coming back with reinforcements! And I had to be ready, capable, able to take it all in.

The evening before D-Day, Karleen paid me a visit. I was laid back, like I had threesomes every other week. She looked solemn.

- There is something I need to tell you

- Yes ?

- I can’t do it… I’m sorry

Shit, I spent five weeks on that project. Ximena was coming in 24 hours. I had to think on my feet. Negotiate, say something smart, quick!

- That’s okay. These things should feel good for the two of us. If not, it’s not worth it.

- Thank you for understanding

Alright, we were on the same side now. I had to know more, to find out what changed her mind. There was still hope.

- That’s strange. You sounded pretty excited the last time we talked

- I was, but then I realized something

- … yes?

- I’m starting to have feelings for you

- …

Hope blew out like a candle in a storm. I flew too close to the sun.


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