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Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome

la Chichona !

Dodge Sprinter 2500 3.0L V6 Diesel - Ext Wheel Base Year 2008

I don’t know much about cars nor did I know what all this mechanic jargon meant when I first bought the van. I just wanted a vehicle I could stand on and that was relatively reliable. The Sprinter seemed like a good option, it offered a lot of room plus it’s a Mercedes engine that could go the distance. We'll see about that. This is the first car I own and I'm pretty happy overall. I got it at 172 000 Km. Now it's passed the 200K mark! Howf I If I knew parts were so expensive I might have bought it; still love you Chichona.

The Conversion

Building la Chichona was by far the hardest thing I have ever done. In the process, I lost my temper a lot, strengthened friendships, cried a few times, and dearly welcomed all the help I could find. I should have taken more pictures of the build but at the time, I was just trying to stay sane.


Thank you again for helping me through this challenge. la Chichona and I are eternally grateful. Know that you are welcome to join us whenever you want. Also thanks to Home depot for letting me use their parking lot as a workshop, for 4 months! With the patience and efforts of both friends and strangers, we managed to build a surprinsingly comfortable tiny house. To Patagonia and beyond!

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