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Speak, friend, and enter

Van cover

I'm Raz. Welcome and thank you for being here, I’ll try to write good stuff so you keep on reading. For seven years, I worked in sales for a large American company. There, I managed to do very little and make a lot of money, all while working remotely and travelling the world. I know, the dream right? Well, that dream ended on May 2018, when I chose freedom over conformity...aaaaaaaand I quit! I discovered a love for stories and decided to give this writing gig a shot.

What am I writing about ?

Life on the road. In the summer of 2017, I bought a van, La Chichona, converted it into a cozy home and took off to explore the Americas, from Canada to Argentina. I am writing about all the adventures that happened during the trip, good and bad. This blog is about the journey, the people, the joys and frustrations of life on exploring this immense continent.

What will you get out of it ?

Entertainment I believe; inspiration I hope. I write stories that I find too interesting to be lost. Maybe you could get ideas for your next destination, break a stereotype, and even learn a thing or two. My goal is to share this adventure with all the people who wish they could do it, and to help those about to take a leap of faith. Karma has been really good to me and I intend to keep it that way.

Who am I ?

Thanks! Message sent.

I’m Raz, a Moroccan Canadian who grew up in both countries and picked the best of both worlds: great cuisine, hospitality, tolerance, and a love for freedom. I had lived in Morocco, France, Spain, and Canada where I eventually settled to start a career. The corporate world paid well but had only money to offer. Plus, selling scanners to warehouse guys in oversized suits was not exactly my childhood dream. Realizing the absurdity of the never ending  rat race, I chose to travel.

My ambition is to become a writer who makes readers laugh, think, and cry. To me, travelling is meeting a stranger and sharing a moment with a friend. I hope to inspire people to see the world through as it is, to experience other cultures, and to form their own opinion. I always jump head first in everything I do, and figure out things as they unfold. Let's see how this writing gig goes.

PS: Yes, the title is a LOTR reference, hats off for knowing your classics.

I would love to hear from you. Constructive feedback, suggestions, or recommendations are welcome.

Thank you & safe travels!

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