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35# No sex is better than bad sex

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

- Sooooo? How was it?

- Horrible! I slept with the dogs.

- WHAT??!!! Hahahaha.

Beach parties come with a safety net. If the vibe is good, you enjoy the party, the surroundings, and make the best of both. If not, you can always walk on the beach, watch the stars and listen to the waves. It's a win-win setup for everybody. You can never go wrong with a beach party.

At the party, I met Valeria, a brilliant entrepreneur named. Valeria had run three restaurants in the US and was launching a new one in Sayulita. She loved business and surfing. Valeria was older than me. She looked like a Hells Angels' member: long dark hair, black leather boots, tattoos everywhere and a Gothic t-shirt. We hooked up around the fire pit and fooled around on the beach. You can never go wrong with a beach party.

The temperature dropped during the night. I gave her my sweater and walked her home. In front of her door, I kissed her goodnight and left like a good gentleman. It was the right thing to do. It also meant I would see her again, at least to get my sweater back. A gentleman is just a patient wolf.

Lukas had also met a girl at the party. We had a serious conversation over breakfast to sort out the logistics. How to bring a special guest over? We were both sleeping in the van. There is a universal consensus among honourable men known as the " bro code". It helps prevent conflicts of that sort. We agreed that we would use the van as a last resort, whoever brings his guest first has priority. The other sleeps in a hostel or on the streets, who cares? So noble is the bro code.

To this day, I have never seen anyone approach strangers like Lukas does. If he sees a girl he likes, he walks up to her and starts talking. More often than not, he has a friendly conversation. And if the attraction is mutual, it's a date. He was fast and effective, blitzkrieg style. I wanted to know the exact words that came out of his mouth. It looked like Jedi arts. Lukas affirmed that words did not matter, as long as he was confident and honest about his intentions. Being a doctor, he had a natural authority over people. If your doctor tells you to drop your pants, you drop your pants. Over the years, that authority must have rippled to his everyday life. Lukas had Jedi powers, no doubt about that. When he was not saving lives, he was using them to seduce women.

We each had plans and were excited to see where the night would take us. My date with Valeria was amazing. We talked for hours. She took me to a local restaurant with homemade mecal and delicious local treats. After dinner we went to her place, a large villa in the heart of Sayulita. Valeria had 3 dogs, one of them she had rescued from a drug addict a few days before. The dog was beaten, afraid, and abused. She had lots of love to give… and she gave it all to animals.

I was surprised by Valeria's luscious body, but despite her beauty and our intellectual connection, nothing flowed in bed. There was no chemistry, no energy, nada! I tried my best but it takes two to tango. Ten minutes into sex, she wrapped herself in the sheets, rolled over and passed out. I was sitting there, flabbergasted, refusing to believe what had happened. She ditched me and my dick like a cigarette butt. I'd gotten used to Alex's loving embrace and clouds of love. Valeria was colder than a corpse.

I can't sleep next to a woman I'm attracted to; a weird thing I have. After trying in vain to wake up Valeria, I moved to her living room to get a little sleep, grinning and bearing it. Shortly after I lied on the couch, the dogs came to console me. The little one close to my head and the other two at my feet; we snuggled and slept. They, at least, gave me some love.

The morning was awkward. Valeria had conference calls and no time for me. I said bye to the dogs and left to join Lukas for breakfast, feeling used, dirty, and ashamed. Lukas was slow to speak and had red tiny eyes. The girl he met took him to a party where he got way too high and ended up passing out on somebody's couch.

I told him about my night. He laughed so hard. We both felt like losers but Lukas could not stop laughing. He was cramped with laughter, imagining the scene and commenting on it, obviously still high from his party. We bulked up on coffee and snacks and left Sayulita. Lukas was still laughing.

When he caught his breath and dried his tears, Lukas dropped words of wisdom that I'd been carrying with me ever since:

"Often, no sex is better than bad sex."


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