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29# Kiss Slowly

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

She looks tipsy… Good, that will help. Worst case is you get rejected. Then we'll just get drunk and forget about it. Look, she’s dancing alone, now is your chance.

Yalla yalla!!!

Travelling while single is a lot of fun. Even more if you're around beautiful people. La Ventana is a kitesurfing destination, meaning there are lots athletes, hot tanned athletes. The last time I got some action was in Montreal, over two months ago. I was getting hornier by the minute, and seeing all those sexy beach bodies definitely made it worse.

Among all the pretty girls hanging out in Playa Central, one got my interest. She was cheerful and outgoing. Plus, I spotted a huge pair under her loose t-shirt. Yup…it was totally her personality that got my attention. She knew everybody and was laughing most of the time. Her name was Alexandria. I wanted to find out first if she was single. I had been out of the game for a while and needed some coaching, so I asked Aurel for help.

The first time I talked to Alex, she was chilling on the beach, watching a rider performing tricks. I sat next to her and introduced myself. She knew me. "Oh! you're the guy looking for a shower", she said. Not the best introduction but at least it broke the ice. Shortly after, we were discussing deep topics. That's something that happens often among travellers. Since everyone is on the go, there is little time for small talk.

Alex is smart, confident and beautiful. She is a leadership coach, had led a successful career in fitness, and is also a sponsored kitesurfer. A lot to handle for a dirt bag living in a van. I was intimidated.

My intuition whispered she was the kind of girl that takes no bullshit. If I wanted her, I had to play it straight; no games. What struck me the most was her laugh: genuine and innocent. She burst in laughter like a 6 year-old. That made her look less intimidating. When she laughed, I saw her spontaneous, vulnerable, and in need of love.

Over the next few days, I used every opportunity to hang out with her. One night, there was a big party in Playa Central. One of the instructors was leaving for good and the staff organized a goodbye party. I was chilling on the terrace with Aurel when he saw Alex stealing the show on the dancefloor. Aurel was boosting up my confidence while I was stalking her from a distance. I know…creepy. I waited until she was finally alone, and made my move.

She was dancing, tipsy, and enjoying herself. I was scared and tried to shake off my anxiety with a few dance moves. We danced together for a bit, then I pulled her aside and asked if she was single. She looked surprised, paused, and said yes. I grabbed her hand and asked if I could kiss her. My heart was pumping. She looked me in the eyes and said yes. That was my moment. I had one chance, the penalty shot on extra time…

I learnt the hard way that the first kiss is a huge deal for women. While men only think about sex, women will often decide whether to have sex or not based on that first kiss. Knowing that, I honed my skills to become a great kisser. And having fat lips does help.

The key is to juggle between comfort and tension, like in a musical solo. You start slow and gentle to build comfort, using only the lips. Once you've established enough comfort, you add tension. Tension means spicing it up. Adding tongue, grabbing the back of her head, kissing her neck, whatever it is as long as it's different. Tension builds up and leads to the climax of the kiss. Then comes the hardest part: the release. That's when you smoothly go back to comfort; that gentle kiss you started with. Once you've come full circle, that's it, pull away. If she asks for more, you've done a great job.

I looked Alex in the eyes, grabbed her waist, caressed her cheek and leaned over. Our lips touched, and I was sucked into another dimension. Fireworks exploded inside my head. I was puzzled, horny, and used all my will power to not throw myself at her. She opened her eyes slowly and said, "Yummy!".

That was it. From that point onward I knew I had my ticket to wonderland, it was only a matter of time. We fooled around on the beach and ended up at her place. The night was incredible, like that first kiss on steroids. She was even prettier naked than I had imagined. I could not have wished for more.

Early the next morning, I headed to Aurel’s for breakfast. And it is with tiny eyes and a big smile that I knocked on his door, excited to make my coach proud.


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