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25# Of trenches and trees

A harsh wind blows on the dry land,

Pouring joys and dreams into sand,

To get back his smile and inner child,

A boy goes looking into the wild,

From green waves to green land,

Nature claimed its tree hand,

A brave search for a lost soul,

A torn forest to take its toll,

To plant trees they rallied for,

A fierce squad from shore to shore,

Against bears, swamps, and cruel pest,

They bore the pain and did their best,

A hard quest of sixty days,

Made of trenches, trees, and haze,

A boy struggled until the end,

Searching in vain with each bend,

A reborn forest makes amends,

Breeds smiles, bonds, and friends,

For each scar and memory,

A boy found a family,

Long live Cal of a million trees,

Whose leaves reach low, shade, and appease,

Who gives a chance to every child,

Who helped a boy find back his smile.

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