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103# Something worth waiting for

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

- How would you like to be greeted?

- A long silent hug

- Deal!

Mornings in Mazunte were fresh like a summer breeze. The gong resonated at 7. We started our days on the beach with a class of Qi Gong, a moving meditation led by James. We breathed deeply, moved through postures and woke up the body muscle by muscle. Qi Gong calmed the mind and energized the body. We concluded our classes with grateful thoughts and set our intentions for the day.

Between Qi Gong and breakfast, James often surprised Sally with small gifts. A freshly brewed coffee, a croissant, flowers… He was thoughtful and his intentions were always appreciated. I looked at them with admiration, a little envy too.

James and Sally had met in India while backpacking. They felt an intense connection and decided to give it a shot. Now they were travelling the world and making life plans together. The distance strenghtened their relationship like wind on fire. It was an inspiring story, a story I longed for.

Back in El Salvador, Karleen and I had the most incredible connection. It was five months ago. She was the main reason I came to Mazunte. I tried to kiss her that first night on the beach but she gave me her cheek. Since, we'd had a few dates since and hours of conversation. Getting to know her was like staggering in a dark cave with a dying candle. I scratched my shins and banged my head with every hot topic. We saw eye to eye on the short term but seemed to disagree on core values. It was just not flowing.

James and Sally were coaching me with Karleen, helping me read between the lines. That magical connection I had felt in El Salvador was gone. Still, she sent me mixed messages. Sally said she went through a similar phase with James. That after a few months apart, she needed time to revive the flame.

The wave on the eastern cliff of Mazunte was right in front of Karleen's house. It was a brutal closeout that gave me a good beating and a humility check-up. She couldn't surf there either so we made plans for a surf trip. Zipolite was the closest town with a surfable wave. We parked on the main street, waxed up our boards and sprinted over the burning sand.

Zipolite was a hollow and dangerous beach break. The wave, fast and powerful, wiped us out most of the time. At the end of the session we found ourselves side by side, paddling for the same wave. We took off at the same time and rode together in the same direction, touching hands and yelling like children. We shared a wave, and for a few seconds, we flowed in harmony. A pure, uninhibited expression of joy. Our first connection since El Salvador.

It had been seven days since I came to Mazunte. We'd had five dates, hours and hours of conversation, and still no kiss. Every time I made a move, she pushed me away. I was not going to let time bury me in the undesirable 'friend zone'. We were enjoying a drink on the beach when, in my most tactful fashion, I addressed the elephant in the room.

- What is it?

- What is what?

- Well, I like spending time with you and I find you very attractive. You seem to like my company as well. But every time I made a move you pushed me away. So… what is it?

- I need more time.

- It’s simple really. Either you find me attractive or you don’t. Whatever the case, I need to know.

- …

- I don’t like wasting my time, or others'. So, if you're just looking for a friend, please say so. I can handle it.

- No, it’s not that.

- So... You do find me attractive?! I smiled to the taste the of hope.

- Yes, and I love spending time with you too. I just need more time.

- Good. At least we got that out of the way. Cheers! To clarity!

We muffled the awkwardness with our beers and watched surfers on the horizon. I was grateful for my wise neighbours. Sally was right. Just like her and James, Karleen needed time to revive the flame. I my last sip and smiled.

Good things are worth waiting for.


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